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It was my interest for JRR Tolkiens world which gave me the name for this website.

Gelir is quenya and means merry.

Gelir is used as a quyenized forenam for Merri Gamgi in the never published  alternate ending of Lord of the Rings

This web site is

about things interesting me, and hopefully interests others as well.

This web site is not

about me. I’m simply not interested in talking about myself. And further, I doubt anyone else would find it interesting reading.

This web site is

meant to be bilingual. We shall see how well I succeed.

Facebook et al.

I have not linked to facebook (or any other social media). I almost never write anyting on facebook anyway.

River Fyris

Picture is taken from New bridge in Uppsala towards the mill run (the fall actually) an early autumn day.


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About this home page

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I who have made

this website is called Stefan Isaksson and lives in Uppsala. For a living I’m a busdriver, but I’ve been working as a railway guard (on Roslagsbanan, hence my interest of said railway) and I’ve also been in computer programming and taught college mathematics.